AQM Overview

Established in 1996, AQM is an international consulting firm specialized in providing management solutions to organizations seeking improvement of business performance, we have developed a unique approach that we employ to thoroughly analyze the organization and successfully implement customized management solutions; based on the latest editions of international standards and other reputable improvement frameworks.

Whether being NGO, or classified as public or private sector and regardless of the industry they belong to; our clients are continuously grasping the real value of our service by dramatically improving stakeholders' satisfaction, building up employee commitment and competence, strengthening organizational structures, establishing future strategies and tactics, increasing revenues to realize short, middle and long term corporate objectives.

Through more than 25 years of professional experience, AQM has provided consultancy services to more than 300 companies and gained regional and international recognition as their reliable and preferred partner in consulting and organizational development.

AQM now is a group of companies: To take the lead of its unique commitment to provide tailored and dedicated service to its rapidly increasing list of clients in numerous industries; AQM activities have been evolved into specialized subsidiaries; each as a standalone Company on its own, which are namely:

  • QMHC Academy - Quality Makers Health Academy
  • QMHA Academy – Quality Makers Hotel Academy
  • Quality Makers Center for International Negotiation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution