Training Programmes

General Training Courses Related to the Different ISO Standards

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems QMS) ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems EMS)
  • OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety)
  • ISO 27001 & TL 9001 (Information Security & Technology Management Systems) ISO 17025, 15189 & 13485 (Hospitals, Medical Devices & Laboratories Accreditation)
  • ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management Systems FSMS)
  • TS/ISO 16949 (Automotive Feed Industry)
"Note that: Each of the above courses is applicable for each one of the ISO standard"

Course NameCourse Duration
Introduction & Awareness2 Days
Documentation & implementation5 Days
Internal Auditor3 Days
Auditor / Lead Auditor5 Days
Practical Training20 Days

Training courses

Course NameCourse Duration
HACCP Principles Awareness3 Days
HACCP Implementation3 Days
HACCP Internal Audit3 Days
Food Safety Risk Assessment5 Days
Hyper Markets & Food Stores Food Safety Principles5 Days
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)5 Days
Good Storage Practice (GSP)5 Days
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)5 Days
Course NameCourse Duration
FMEA2 Days
MSA2 Days
ppAp2 Days
Problem Solving3 Days
Poor Quality Cost3 Days
SPC & CPI<5 Days
Course NameCourse Duration
Quality Costs1 day
Continual Improvement WorkshopI day
Implementing a Quality Cost programme2 days
Auditing for Business Excellence2 days
Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Analysis2 days
Problem Identification & Analysis2 days
QMS Key Changes in ISO 9001:2008 Implementation2 days
Process Approach via Process Mapping2 days
Risk Assessment3 days
Lean Manufacturing3 days
Quality Management Concepts Health Care Field3 days
Business Improvement Models & Approaches3 days
The Role of Statistics in The Applications of TQM3 days
Validation of Packaging3 days
Qualification of Equipment3 days
Quality Assurance3 days
Fundamentals of Validation3 days
Safety in Health Care Laboratories3 days
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Warehousing3 days
Quality Management Concepts & Applications3 days
Management Planning & Follow Up3 days
Operations Management3 days
Management by Objectives & Assess by Results3 days
Complete Managerial Methodology for Managers3 days
Crises Management & Change Strategy3 days
CE Mark3 days
Information Safety System3 days
Modern Approach for Forecast, Plan & Preparing Budgets3 days
Control Quality Improvement3 days
First Time Manager3 days
The Seven Access to Solve the Managerial Problems3 days
Root Cause Analysis5 days
Six Sigma5 days
Strategic Quality Objectives Planning5 days
Total Quality Management (TQM)5 days
Communication skills5 days
Human Resources Management5 days
Hospital Accreditation5 days
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)5 days
Good Storage Practice (GSP)5 days
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)5 days
Supplier Chain5 days
Sampling5 days
Auditor Best Practice for Quality & Environment5 days
Project Management5 days
Benchmarking5 days
Course NameCourse Duration
Basic electricity5 days
Basic & power electronics5 days
Electric power protection system 1, 25 days
Electrical installation in buildings and factories5 days
Earthling5 days
Power system analysis5 days
Electrical motors: selection, operation and maintenance5 days
Preventive maintenance of electrical equipment5 days
Transformers5 days
Measurement system5 days
Testing of electrical equipment5 days
Modern control system5 days
Digital protection & computer relaying5 days
Fire alarm & fighting5 days
Course NameCourse Duration 
Introduction to Gas Technology5 days 
Gas processing and equipment5 days 
Processing modeling and simulation5 days 
Gas process dehydration5 days 
Field handling of natural gas5 days 
Gas well treatment methods and techniques5 days 
Corrosion monitoring and control in industry5 days 
Water isolation and well simulation5 days 
Drilling fluids engineering and technology5 days 
Drilling problems and optimization5 days 
Introduction to oil production technology5 days 
The principles of artificial lift systems for oil production5 days 
Gas lift design, operation and optimization5 days 
Introduction to reservoir engineering5 days 
Hydrocarbon seismic exploration and operation5 days
Course NameCourse Duration 
Fluid flow mechanics5 days 
Principles and characteristics of hydraulic systems5 days 
Pumps: performance, operation and selection5 days 
Mechanical seals: operation & selection maintenance5 days 
Technical specifications for pumping system equipments5 days 
Compressors5 days 
Pipe lines5 days 
Valves technology5 days 
Water hammer in pipelines5 days 
Mechanical seals5 days 
Control valves for hydraulic power systems5 days 
Automatic control5 days 
Advanced measuring techniques in engineering systems5 days 
Process control5 days 
Gas turbine theory, performance & operation5 days 
Fires (precautions & fighting measures)5 days 
Fire mitigation in industrial installation5 days 
Steam turbines for thermal power plants5 days 
Boilers and pressure vessels5 days 
Heat exchangers5 days 
Lifting equipment5 days 
Cranes: maintenance, inspection and testing5 days 
Mechanical failure in engineering (causes & prediction)5 days 
Planning of maintenance5 days 
Welding engineering5 days 
Static & dynamic balancing of rotating equipment5 days 
Preventive & predictive maintenance5 days 
Vibration and acoustics control5 days 
Mechanical seals5 days 
Design pipe lines & networks5 days 
Valve Technology5 days
Course NameCourse Duration
Managing skills for top levels5 days
Project management5 days
Trends in management5 days
Developing time management skills and delegations5 days
Project material management5 days
The free management: the end of organization structure5 days
Managing training function & analysis the training needs5 days
Communication effectively with other5 days
Decision effectively with other5 days
Decision making styles5 days
Organizations development5 days
Performance appraisal systems: design & implementation5 days
Analyzing performance problems5 days
Financial planning & control5 days
Group action (team action techniques)5 days
Internal control and internal auditing5 days
Basics & advanced technical report writing5 days
Manpower planning & career development5 days
Manager functions & roles5 days
Planning techniques5 days
Training & training needs5 days
Root cause analysis and problem solving5 days
Course NameCourse Duration 
Audit Checklist in pharmaceutical Industries5 days 
Clean room technology5 days 
Comply with FDA, EU requirement for process validation5 days 
Facility Qualification (GMP)5 days 
FDA Pre approval inspection5 days 
Fundamentals of Validation5 days 
Good Engineering Practice5 days 
Good Laboratory Safety Practice5 days 
Good Storage Practice5 days 
HPLC in pharmaceutical industry5 days 
Production of sterile pharmaceuticals5 days 
Qualification of equipment (sterilizer & Laminar flow)5 days 
Risk Management5 days 
Statistical Analysis of pharmaceutical5 days 
Stability tests in Pharmaceutical5 days 
Sterility Assurance in Pharmaceutical Industry5 days 
Training of Aseptic processing staff5 days 
Validation of the QC lab.5 days 
Water treatment system in pharmaceutical Industry5 days 
Teambuilding & Team Management5 days 
Production Management5 days 
10 Steps to Strategic Planning5 days 
Coaching: A Strategic Tool for Effective Leadership5 days 
Effective Managerial Skills5 days 
TQM in Health Care5 days 
Validation of Methods of Analysis5 days 
Equipment cleaning Validation5 days 
Integrity testing of filters and filtration systems5 days 
Validation of moist heat sterilization5 days 
21r Fermented training5 days 
DASGIP parallel fermented unit training5 days 
Advanced cell culture workshop5 days 
General chromatography5 days

Previous Experience in Consultancy Service

AQM had consults a large number of organizations in all business fields to be qualified for the required ISO standard. The following is a sample list of the completed and under consultation projects:
Business/lndustry SectorSystem/Company Status 
Successfully CompletedSystem In-Progress
Pharmaceutical industry44 Clients05 Clients
Hospital and Medical Laboratories29 Clients09 Clients
Medical Devices Companies14 Clients02 Clients
Engineering & Food Laboratories26 Clients04 Clients
Food Industries70 Clients80 Clients
Petroleum Services & Oil Co.15 Clients04 Clients
Automotive Industries47 Clients01 Clients
Contracting and Engineering Consultations16 Clients02 Clients
Plastic, Chemicals and Painting Industries34 Clients05 Clients
Household Appliances and Accessories13 Clients00 Clients
Schools and Institutes07 Clients03 Clients
Software, Communications and Electronics30 Clients04 Clients
Textile Industries34 Clients03 Clients
Engineering Co.65 Clients14 Clients
Furniture Industry23 Clients02 Clients
Others Activates19 Clients10 Clients